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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why “Wiener World?”

The name for this blog, “Wiener World,” comes from my nickname as a young boy.  I was called “Wiener” by my brother (four years my senior) and his friends when I was about eight years old.  The name was not consistently applied and did not last long.  But to me “wiener” like “peanuts” has many good qualities, and I like the sound of it.  It suggests a refreshing lack of formality, a lack of presumption.  A high recommendation for the term is that wieners are the choice menu item for ball games and golf course concessions and are served grilled at picnics.  Wieners are fun food and even viewed with a certain degree of patriotism—they capture the informality and how-you-doing equality of America at its best.  Wieners go well with condiments like mustard, relish, and onions.  They have a fine aroma when on the grille, in many ways more preferable and compellingly than fancier foods.  And to be honest, I like the word as part of a blog title because it tends to lessen expectations.  If I had named the blog “Profound Philosophic Meditations”—well, whatever I wrote would not measure up.  But by calling the blog “Wiener World” if I should get lucky and write something half-way good, well, it kind of comes as a pleasant surprise.  “Wiener” was born January 27, 1944 and has always enjoyed being invited to the family of man’s picnics.  Rainy days do not spoil the fun as in his corner of the world there are many grand pavilions. 

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