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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Importance of Simple Friendship

Today in Sunday school we discussed the importance of friendship as a fundamental need.  It is common to find human behavior seeking this elemental relationship often in circuitous ways.  For example, the base of the desire to be rich, famous, or powerful is often ultimately a desire to have close friends and admirers.  The irony is that once becoming rich, famous or powerful; the doubts about who are truly one’s friends become more problematic as then all comers can be suspected of having mixed or hidden motives directed at gaining access in one way or another to one’s wealth, fame, or power.  One then becomes conflicted—even despairing—fearing they are liked not for who they are but what they have—their “friendships” thus becoming distasteful conspiracies of mutual exploitation.  More direct routes to friendship are indicated.  Invite someone over for simple things—like conversation or to watch a movie.  To build friendship in this more direct way can avert addictive, deceitful fantasies and misdirected activities.

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