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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lost Directions

Nothing is quite as useless as having a universal TV remote without having the accompanying instructions on how to individualize the remote to one’s particular device.  This was the situation today when I went by Kunte’s house to help set up his remote for use with his used TV purchased today at a pawn shop.  His remote had been used with his previous TV, but now the remote’s manual was lost making the remote useless.  Is this predicament not pretty much the case with our own bodies?  We are born with many more circuits than a TV remote.  Yet, it is largely a mystery how we are to apply ourselves optimally to fully cope with life.  There are many codes, and most remain unknown.  In plain fact, no one really knows enough to write a definitive instruction manual.  Perhaps in time, such a manual will be developed.  In the meantime if we should Google for the human instruction manual, we can take our pick from a large array of approaches to fill this need—everything from scientific, to philosophic, to religious attempts to help us successfully meet the challenges of life.  Perhaps no one approach will ever suffice.  For man is more than circuits, he is analogue and digital—he not only images, but ascribes to those images meaning and symbolic significance.

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