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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Simple Tribute or Show and Tell?

The world is impressed by achievement and success.  Achievement and success are viewed in terms that invite no subtlety or debate.  From this point of view it is inconceivable that someone marginally employed in a low paying job is a success.  In short, it is fruitless to argue that one in that position may be following a divine calling.  Divine callings carry little or no weight in terms of worldly judgment.  I have sympathy for those persons who avoid reunions of any type out of discomfort that they have no glittering trophies to bring to the table and may thus face social opprobrium—when in fact God may be leading them in paths that yield heavenly rather than earthly acclaim.  The simple fact is that no one is qualified to judge success or failure.  Variables include the obvious one that warns against judging others when you have not walked in their shoes to the simple fact that only God is omniscient and is ultimately qualified to judge success and failure or faithfulness and unfaithfulness.  Even though I avoided reunions earlier in life, I go to them now.  Is it because at long last I wish to honor and pay tribute to all for living under the leading of their best lights?  Or rather is it because I have now a collection of toys to bring to the table for show and tell?    

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