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Friday, January 6, 2012

Was Jesus a Doofus at Anything?

Somehow I like to think that my savior was not always at the top of every game in town.  Perhaps he was not always the best carpenter’s assistant that Joseph could have asked for.  We have no record of the folks in his hometown saying—“Oh, of course, we always knew Jesus would be special, just look at the masterful works of art he churned out at this father’s shop!”  Perhaps Jesus was not the ideal handyman.  I have special reason for thinking this way, for I am surely not.  I like to imagine Jesus in a situation where even when he does his best, he is outshined by others.  What would be his attitude and approach to this situation?  This is another way of asking how a Christian acts when at a job but humbled by the talents of others?  The answer, I suspect, is that Jesus in such a situation would humbly do his best and work to maintain a helpful, “good,” attitude.  Unrelieved competence, leadership, and perfection are not always the best tests of character.

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