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Friday, January 27, 2012

My 68th Birthday

Today I ask two self-directed questions.  1) What major project have I completed in the last five years?  2) What major project would I like to accomplish in the next five years?  
1)   In the last five years I have gone from living the single life to married life.  I suppose five years ago I would not have identified this as a project.  Perhaps then marriage was not on my agenda.  But then I met Kathy and everything changed.  For one thing my home was the proverbial “man cave”—cluttered, disorganized, and packed full of books and papers from college days that I was holding on to not to read or review but, deep down I think, to keep time from passing.  To celebrate this change I would like to share the song of Etta James, At Last:

2) At the end of the next five years, I would like to have consistently and faithfully added to this blog.  I like doing this blog for two reasons:  it is an avenue for expression and contemplation helping me to formulate writings reflecting my deepest opinions and beliefs—and, two, it is not simply a journal that is stashed away in some bottom drawer, but a way to potentially communicate with others.  This second element is helpful for it serves to drive me from indiscipline to discipline, from mediocrity to the pursuit of excellence.  In a way this is a marriage too—making me accountable to some potential reader.

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