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Monday, January 2, 2012

Both Flesh and Spirit

This picture displays fairly well the condition of man—coolly in control of a very narrow field—much like being on a cruise aboard the Titanic.  At any moment the forces of nature could sweep one away.  It is from this perspective that things of lasting value become palpable and real.  If man and all his creations were swept away this moment, if he lived for truth, beauty, justice, mercy, and love; then through faith he can rest assure that his time and efforts will not be wasted.  He has invested in eternal life and spiritual significance.  “In the long-term we will all be dead” is true only if you finally believe in death.  Faith in eternity is necessary to make life bearable and replete with conviction and courage—not subsumed in despair and addictions.  Keeping one’s head in this situation is largely a matter of cultivating one’s soul—one’s eternal nature.  “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” could represent the inscription over the maternity ward as surely as hell itself.  Faith in matters of ultimate significance stands ready to redress the agonies of human existence.  Invest in the eternal concurrently as you invest in the secular.  Both are necessary for health and well-being.  On this earth both flesh and spirit are necessary for happiness.

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