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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Highest Quality of a Leader

Evelyn M Burry
The highest quality of a leader is the one I mentioned yesterday in relation to Allan Burry—this highlights a remarkable fact:  when one challenges you to do the right thing that constitutes one of the highest compliments available.  Credibility is essential for this quality to exist.  In other words, the one who challenges us must walk the walk themselves.  All other qualities of a leader are secondary.  An awesome realization is that not even attainment of success approaches the importance of this essential.  Thus, pragmatism—does it work?—is less important than moral purpose.  The quality of the vision always is more important than arguments of pragmatism.  This is so because even though the right thing to do is always most pragmatic in the long-run, short-run pragmatism is founded in short-run self-interest and is always self-justifying.  This means the highest compliment a leader can give to those he leads is to appeal to long-term best interests.  It is in this sense that a leader must in the end assume the dubious mantle of idealism sometimes much to the discomfort of those he leads.

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