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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthday Afterglow

In many ways this year’s birthday celebration was one of the best I’ve ever had.  In fact, it was so good that the thought occurred to me that maybe this was the last I’ll live to celebrate—in a way a fitting climax.  It began several weeks ago when at work there was a celebration for all January birthdays.  Mark put festive notices on our office door that it was the birthdays of two in our office—Ryan and myself.  People stopping in since have wished us happy birthday.  Then my brother Bob called on Skype and we had a warm visit.  I received a birthday card from Helen (now no longer in Saint Petersburg) though it has been many years since we attended together at Trinity.  Next, cards from my in-laws arrived saying how much they loved me—listing my good qualities—and expressing appreciation for me being part of the family.  Aunt Ginny called from Illinois to give her best wishes.  Kathy’s mom sent me gifts including dinner at Olive Garden.  Kathy presented me with a cross pendant necklace.  My son Alton remembered my birthday and so did Ramon.  Alton in his own hand drew a birthday card and included a moving letter. I received numerous birthday wishes on Facebook some recalling years of friendship.  Kathy and I had lunch at Outback using a gift card.  It was an elevating pleasure to witness friends and families of all races enjoying each other’s company.  My “younger brother” Kunte gifted me with a Kindle, dinner together, and a personalized cake with candles.  I even was warmly greeted by Puff Puff, a well-trained and loving dog.  In short, I came away from the day feeling the love of all and realizing I am truly rich.  This may not be my last birthday, but surely in raw significance none could ever be better.

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