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Friday, November 18, 2011

Towards the Redesign of Mankind

The birth of imagination was the last great leap for mankind.  The ability to imagine and make provisions for the future and all other benefits of the imagination were a decisive advantage.  If one could conjecture the next big advance, what direction would that take?  It seems evident that the next great improvement would be to develop an imagination that was not plagued by delusion.  What a tremendous advantage such a species should have!  You would have all the benefits of the imagination without any of its liabilities.  It is, after all, the delusions of our current imagination that result in so much that is negative.  In religion, quite insightfully the devil has been called the master of deceit.  This link between evil and deceit and with it human delusion is strong.  Human addictions of all sorts including greed, lust for power, and yearnings for the unreality of never-never land are all examples.  Certainly in economics a society would be greatly favored that did not convert through mass delusion investment opportunities into the eventual stench of fetid burst bubbles.  Man’s nature without delusions would be fundamentally changed.  No longer would he be a sinful creature—for delusion and deceit are at the root of all sin.  Guilt, if it existed, would be (for example) the undeserved guilt of being the only survivor of a disaster.  In other words, it would be innocent guilt.  And many practical problems would be averted from a lack of delusion.  Planning and design would be based upon reality—not the flawed wishful thinking that is the cause of much tragedy.  While such a leap for mankind seems impossible to us, imagination itself was inconceivable to earlier hominids.

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