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Friday, November 4, 2011

Faith Is: To accept unwanted loss

To accept unwanted loss:  the sixth faith characteristic listed in Alton’s letter serves to starkly contrasts the difference between faith and fear in the face of unwanted loss.  When one faces unwanted loss with fear of the future, fear of self, and fear of others one does not think rationally and creatively but seeks to avoid the very reality of loss by its denial.  The mind games played while in this state include self-delusion and self-justification.  On the other hand, facing unwanted loss with faith leads to acceptance and clarity of thought.  Realistic adjustments are made and reevaluation of the significance of loss is forthcoming often resulting in a conclusion that the change presented by loss can even have ultimate positive aspects.  Faith to accept unwanted loss is a coping mechanism that can bring about positive and solid results that bless oneself and others.

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