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Monday, November 7, 2011

Faith Is: To see treasures in each moment of being

To see treasures in each moment of being:  the ninth faith characteristic listed in Alton’s letter arises from a heart of gratitude and an understanding of the rare privilege of sentient existence.  A spirit of ingratitude is the foundation of a set determination to take all things (most especially life itself) for granted.  The alternative perspective is that the greatest wealth that any of us can have is the fundamental gift of life itself.  Gratitude comes with a sense of wonder and of obligation—of wonder at the vast array of life and of obligation to make each moment count.  There is an underlying conviction that to spurn the gift of life would be in some sense a sin against the Creator.  Viewing each moment as special heightens awareness and imagination and enhances creativity.  Life ceases to be a burden of boredom and becomes instead an opportunity for creative observation most especially in the midst of the familiar and everyday.

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