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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Faith Is: To envision the possibility of God

To envision the possibility of God:  the fourth faith characteristic listed in Alton’s letter invites us to think of the time man first believed.  What individual or group first envisioned the possibility of God?  Perhaps that first envisioning designated and understood God as Creator, Designer, Defender, Healer, Controller, or Eternal.  Observing that man often prays in tight spots, the envisioning of God may have come as a response to the question: to whom am I praying?  In prayer there is the perception and belief that we are not merely talking to ourselves but addressing a higher power.  There is humility to prayer that recognizes one’s own limits and vulnerabilities.  There is an assumption that somewhere one cares for us.  At some point the essential understanding developed that God is love giving us a relationship with a higher power and a responsibility to love others as well.  Faith is to envision the possibility (not proof) of God.  The only proof we have to show of God is our core belief that he exists.  It is a certainty in belief that is called faith. 

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