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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beyond Professionalism

Dr. Keith Brady
Dr. Keith Brady has been my doctor for many years.  The biggest challenge I have presented to him so far has been my chronic tendency to be overweight.  To confront this problem which is essentially a problem of the will, he has threatened me with early death and cajoled me with dietitians.  Today I had a wonderful visit with him despite his measuring my girth again, and shaking his head again.  In many ways the visit was atypical.  Perhaps, today there was not the usual pressure to move on to other waiting patients (my appointment was towards the end of the day).  He perused my thick file, and asked about the cancer scare I had in the spring of this year.  I was told that blood test results suggested I could have bone marrow cancer.  It took about a month after learning this before I received a clean bill of health.  I told Dr. Brady that after initially hearing of the findings, things looked different on my way home from the doctor’s office.  It was an entirely different perspective seeing the bustling preoccupation of life going on around me and realizing that I may soon be leaving the scene behind.  Today I shared with Dr. Brady my Christian faith and my view that I have lived a full life.  We talked about what I do at work and I mentioned my activities at home, including doing this blog.  He took out his phone and checked it out.  Today I feel like we made contact in a way that assures come that day when I succumb to final ill health, we have an understanding that over the years we developed more than an arm’s length professional relationship; we have developed a rapport based on trust and friendship.  Strange as it may seem, death will not be a catastrophic event for either of us. 

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