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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Reliability of Meaning

circa 1994
Today I heard referenced Charles Frankel (1917-1979) and his comments regarding value theory.  One thing he emphasized:  a person can endure most any “how” if they can only understand “why.”  That is, finding a purpose present can redeem situations making even difficult ones acceptable to the human psyche.  The other day Kathy and I visited Sue Hickman in the hospital.  She is in her late 80’s and is a remarkably kind, loving, and considerate person.  (I became acquainted with her at church some 35 years ago.)  It is clear that being what can be called a Christian witness has given purpose and direction to her life.  In the hospital she was returned on a gurney from a procedure.  We stood outside her room as a nurse and an attendant helped her get back into her bed.  We heard repeatedly remarks of “thank you” and supportive encouragement—from Sue.  She continues to find that her role as a Christian witness undergirds her life with meaning and purpose.  The secret to being spiritually victorious over any circumstance is to find a “why”—a larger purpose.  For people like Sue, Jesus provides reliable redemption even over desperate circumstances.

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