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Friday, November 11, 2011

Faith Is: To dare to live again

To dare to live again:  the twelfth faith characteristic listed in Alton’s letter recognizes the courage, effort, and faith required to get up again after a fall.  There is a temptation to throw in the towel, to give up, to accommodate oneself to loss in destructive ways—to be complicit in utter resignation and defeat.  Rep.Gabrielle Gifford is a stellar example of the contray.  Shot in the head in January 2011, her efforts to surmount the burden of serious injury have been inspirational.  While health issues are often the occasion in which we are called upon to dare to live again, the need for renewal can follow any type of tragedy or loss.  Perhaps the biggest threat to revitalization is a romanticized fixation on the nonrecoverable.  We can end up worshiping yesterday rather than living today.  What must be understood is that we honor the past most assuredly by living today to the fullest.  For example, how can we best honor those dearest to us who have died?  Certainly not by closing ourselves up in a room of dusty memories, but by affirming the loving spirit of our lost ones in the lives we live today.  Essentially phony, self-endulgent denial of life does not show faith, but fundamental doubt in God, in ourselves.  Faith is evidenced most reliably in our dare to live again.

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