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Friday, July 13, 2012

Smudge Pot Behavior

Did you ever write a letter in the heat of the moment and then choose not to mail it? Why? Did you send a revised version instead? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 805).

For me the biggest issue is not written communication, but spoken words. Words spoken in the heat of the moment out of limitless self-righteousness are almost always hurtful rather than helpful. They make me a royal jackass. This is because I see the other person as an enemy, thus I make them into something less than human and speak to that stereotype glaring in my head. I see all my intentions and actions as above reproach and find those of my enemy totally reprehensible. This all or nothing mindset spills over into speech which becomes ridiculously intemperate. I discount the other person's point of view as being completely absurd. Not only do I stereotype those with which I am angry, I demonize them while viewing myself in total righteousness. My mindset is one of arrogant certitude. And more times than I like to admit, the person to which I am speaking remains rational and avoids tit for tat behavior. My extensive irrationality causes them to view me with some wonder and pity. The greatest victim may be truth itself for fact-finding goes begging while I aver that all important facts are on my side and that silly excuses make up theirs. Communication as a mutual two-way process has no place in this polluted diatribe – as neither does any hope of making a simple human connection.

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