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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rock-Like Security

Which parent gave you rock-like security? How so? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 807).

Unfailing generosity was the source of the rock-like security given to me by my parents. Never once did they begrudgingly provide me any resource that derived from the disciplines of love (to which they assiduously adhered). There was absolutely no physical need that ever went begging. A good number of my wants – especially those considered positive contributions to happiness or health – were supplied. I was spoiled not in the sense that I was a selfish, unruly, domineering brat; but it is undeniable that I didn't fully appreciate how good I had it and how fortunate I was. I certainly do not want to discount the importance of material stability – such dismissal often being a peculiar affliction of those who experienced material equanimity in their own childhood. But surely of equal importance was the fact that I was never made to feel a gratuitous burden or curse – an unpleasant tax leveled on the family. Quite to the contrary, I was always made to feel fully welcomed and loved, and a valuable, contributing member of the household. It is from this perspective that I view with shock and dismay the malignant neglect and belligerent diatribes I have seen leveled at children in public by sorely inconvenienced parents.

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