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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Fond Remembrance

Bird Favoring Pete
As a child, what “big deal” do you remember waiting for Dad to do with you or for you? How did you feel when the planned event actually happened? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 789).

When I was about 11 we lived in Ellenton, Florida. We had not lived there long, having just moved from Oviedo. Perhaps I was feeling a bit as if much in my life was outside of my control. For whatever reason (and it seems that many of the things we desire have no readily identifiable cause) I decided I wanted a bird. I approached my father about it, and he took it under consideration. When I approached him a second time about it, he agreed. I was delighted and excited. We drove immediately to the dimestore in Bradenton – towards the back of the store they kept birds and I think fish as well. I remember picking out a green parakeet and selecting a cage and accessories. I was happy holding the cage in the car on the way home. I felt love and appreciation for my father. I excitedly showed it to mother when we got back, and she smiled lovingly and appreciatively. We named the bird Pete, and he lived with us for many years. At first we clipped his wings, but soon stopped the practice and he flew freely about the house.

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