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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Matter of Assets

Ultimate Objectives

A person can have 10 million dollars in the bank and nothing to show for it or; conversely, can have inconsequential bank accounts but much to show for it. I am reaching advanced years – a time when some look back with regret because of misplaced values. Today I have to be honest and share - though some may think when I do so I am showing selfish, even exploitative pride. This week I received two letters from my children whom I adopted while they were very young. I “adopted” them from the streets. I want to share excerpts from these letters with you and let you come to your own conclusions whether I am rich or poor. They are my witnesses now and will be one day not far off when I'm before the throne of God.

From Alton,

Like I've said, you're my father. My love is unconditional that's forever. Yes, I cried when I seen you cry when I lost the trial. You hurt I hurt we hurt together. Until the end of time remember I love you dearly.

From Ramon,

I really wanted to honor you today.. And im sure Teico, Alton, George, Tywan and all of us feel the same way.. You have been a real FRIEND... The realest friend it's gonna get..

You been there not only when we was young and didn't have nothing, But in times when we are down and out, And really need a "Good Friends" support.. Just wanted to say this ..... Love ya

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