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Friday, July 6, 2012

Certitude or Servanthood

Mother at 21

If you could ask “one thing” of the Lord, and have it granted, what would it be? Why don't you ask? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 776).

First off, I would try to cheat a bit and ask several favors in place of one. I would ask that he plainly show me his will and that he give me the grace to affirm and do it. I would ask this because it is not always clear to me if I am accurately sensing my Father's will instead of conveniently rationalizing that my will is his. The second part of my request acknowledges that I can have difficulty affirming and doing his will even when I am certain of it. Often, I could use less “grace” and more courage and the spunk to work hard. I need the gifts of discernment, stability, and strength. Why then don't I ask for this? Because certain knowledge of God's will would leave no wiggle room for excuses. Also, in a way, I think such certitude could be dangerous. It could be corruptive and lead to insufferable arrogance – or at least the widespread perception of it.

When my mother was a young woman she found the Lord one evening at a revival. The hymn that touched her heart that night during altar call was “Fill Me Now.” This hymn does not ask for certitude of knowledge, but the presence of the spirit. The difference represented is not subtle, and it was a difference that marked the tenor and tone of mother's entire life.

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