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Monday, July 9, 2012

Learning to Ride a Bike: Lessons Learned

Unlike walking,
We learn to ride a bike
In the years of remembrance;
And many of us do remember
The fear that froze us at first
As we grasped the handlebars
Tilting the frame over awkwardly
Clumsily finding the pedals with our feet
Thinking this can't be done
And yet knowing it must be done
(After all, even fledgling birds learn to fly)
So at last we waiver down the street
Gradually getting the hang of it
With each uncertain change of direction
Sinking lessons deeper within the inner cortex of the mind
There to fester first and then to heal and grow
Into The Ethic of Experience:
That we must focus on purpose more and less on self
That we must act in faith even when its crazy
That relatively minor things can take on great significance
That untried innocence is a cheap commodity
That risk and worth often go together
That integrity is not an abstraction with which to toy,
But is the very core of mastery.

The following excerpt (here more abbreviated) from the movie “Evan Almighty” was an illustration in David Miller's sermon today in which he discussed faith in the midst of challenges. Pastor David's sermons (in text) are found here: (David's Sermons)

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