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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hold Your Horses

Are you good at waiting? How long do you wait before giving up? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 789).

Waiting is something people have to be very good at. We all await together the coming of the New Jerusalem – a place filled with God's light of happiness, goodness, and justice rolling down like waters. In the meantime – and it's been a long meantime – we must wait. But our waiting is not characterized by inaction but by sometimes excruciatingly painful attempts to advance. Thus we constantly live with a carrot before us, and with this incentive we refuse to flag or tire. In our personal lives we find ourselves often waiting for better times ahead. The next promotion or possessing the ideal gadget may never come. But God instills in us persistent hope, and this lightens every burden. So it turns out we are quite good at waiting. Kathy has on her closet door the saying: “God give me patience and give it to me now.” We know the real processes of the world and their tendency to lag our yearning for immediate gratification. Our ability to imagine and yearn for a different configuration of things from the present is our greatest strength and our most persistent sorrow.

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