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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Positive Connotations and Possible Consequences

I have two degrees in management. The field attracted me because of its wide-ranging constellation of concepts with positive connotations. Management involves strategic and tactical planning; discipline; a shared focus on the past, present, and future; striving for efficiency and effectiveness; statistical analysis; cultivating accountability and responsibility; a blending of pragmatism and idealism; interest in, study of, and allocation of human resources; organizational and institutional structure, industrial engineering, networking and colleague development; socialization; competence; providing for motivation and related incentives; marketing; macro and micro economics; accounting principles; conceptualization and control; dynamic entrepreneurial creativity; initiative; status as reflected in organizational position held and the accoutrements of power; the ability and means to excel; the mission to face reality and make it productive; the systematic conceptual delineation of management as a field of knowledge and thoughtful study. All these facets of management have a profound attraction of me and I view them as strongly positive.

This afternoon I watched several episodes of Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State. The documentary showed how all the tools of management (except ethics) were astonishingly exercised in the service of evil. With my deep-seated predilections in favor of management and its array of positive connotations, if I had been an average bystander within the Nazi state would I have admired the Nazis whose highly credentialed officers were, after all, good (even excellent) dressers, and who resided far above reproach by a humble citizen like me.

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