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Monday, June 6, 2011

Today in Church

Today’s sermon by Pastor Gil Smith was on the theme “Small Acts” that make a difference in our world.  Gil, who uses vivid imagery, at one point compared our small acts to a multi-tiered fountain that begins at the top with an individual’s initial contribution flowing from the outpouring of the holy spirit, but which cascades down to other tier levels finally reaching the wider tiers of local community and eventually world.  The unfortunate flip side of this concept is that the evil that we do can also have wider and wider consequences.  In fact, it is clear that all our actions and the spiritual quality that is their source will be magnified and broadened in impact.  From this point of view, there are very few (if any) small acts that are limited to ourselves.  Once done, the impact of our actions quickly becomes outside our control.  This is to be celebrated when the influence is positive, but regretted when the influence is bad.  We are constantly reminded sometimes gloriously; sometimes tragically that mankind has a spiritual dimension that when manifest in action is inescapably social in character and has ramifications that are indeterminate in duration and consequence.

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