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Friday, June 24, 2011

Redefining “Necessary”

This week I have made two purchases—one, a soundbar surround sound system and two, a washing machine.  Both of these purchases offer extended warranty coverage’s.  A four year warranty after one year manufacturer’s warranty on the washer costs 22% of the price of the washer.  A three year warranty on the speaker system costs 17% of the speaker price.  I like to consider myself a risk taker; after all, who wants to be considered a wuzy.  But however much like John Wayne I pretend myself to be, my actions frequently indicate otherwise.  I swagger onto the scene cavalierly in favor of risk, but then I begin to consider my vulnerabilities.  For one thing, we frequently have heavy electrical storms in Saint Petersburg during the summer months.  Both the soundbar and new energy friendly washer are full of low voltage electronics susceptible to power surges.  I’ve learned through experience that the smart cards found in apparently heavy duty appliances are very expensive to replace.   So after a moment or two of resentment that I must spend more than I intended on the purchased items, I meekly call back within the allowable time frame and add warranties to the purchased items originally purchased with resolute determination not to spend a penny more than immediately necessary.                                     

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