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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let’s Get Together

Today while working at TASCO I was privileged to view a video before official release called Let’s Get Together.  This stunning achievement produced by TASCO Center for Teen Technology and edited by Robert Norton and Sean Keller features the people of Saint Petersburg and has as its central message that tragedy can and must be redeemed by hope and brotherhood.  This flawlessly edited composition is driven by the lyrics of a song that carries the central message—the vision of loving relationships is the only avenue providing hope and positive movement forward.  Throwing political correctness to the winds, the movie is strongly Christian in theme and content—and in a city with numerous churches knitting the fabric of almost every neighborhood, this frank acknowledgment underscores a sense of realism—as sadly also do the references to recent tragedies. Since it seems that guns are a given in our society, the only recourse to avoiding tragedy is overcoming anger and hatred in the human heart.  When that day comes—and faith affirms that it will—half the criminal laws in the city will be made nugatory.  Joy and celebration mark the end of the video with the firm conclusion that abiding hope and loving convictions are daily realized and are stronger in the end than evil is now or ever will be.    

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