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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kathy’s Birthday

Today was Kathy’s birthday.  Wayne wrote his wife the following poem:

Kathy’s Birthday 2011

As Eve mated Adam
You mated me
Making me complete;
Grasping onto the past….gone,
Selfish self-denial…now a distant absurdity—
Greeting each other in the mornings,
And saying kind goodnights,
Holding each other close,
Gentle touches of tenderness,
We form a package deal
Separated only by the trivial coincidence
       of physical existences
Otherwise united in reliable bonds
       of sweet significance,
The only threat posed to me now is
       the minor matter of transient death
And the imagined blur of Joady’s motorcycle
        racing down our street.

            Deeply in love,

Note: “Joady” is Wayne’s imaginary competition in the lovelorn category.  He is about 27 years old, with dark complexion, has black slicked back hair combed in a ducktail, and frequently takes Kathy speeding for rides on the back of his Harley motorcycle usually going to the beach or some other area full of fun and free of any responsibilities.  Wayne feels that his greatest vulnerability when compared to Joady is that unlike his competition Wayne has no tattoos. 

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