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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Compelling Conditions

Arrival at Bird Sanctuary - A Memorable Occasion

This has turned into a week of memories.  I have come to feel extraordinarily blessed and enriched by friendships; friendships that have crossed the line to become family either at some unknown point or rather, feasibly, at the very outset.  Perhaps there was never a time after our first meeting when the commitment on either side was not total.  Today I was talking with George who recently got married (see Saturday, June 25th).  The storehouse of memories we share cannot be assessed a value.  George said that he was extremely happy at the wedding, and that he could think of only one time when he came close to being as happy.  That was when, as children, he and his brother Alton called me to say that they had found an injured bird, and that they wanted to take it to the bird sanctuary so that it could receive treatment.  I immediately went to their house and we put the bird in a cage for transport.  Then, we all got in the truck and traveled to the sanctuary where they accepted the bird for treatment.  I did not tell George today, but that was also one of the happiest moments in my life as well.  It was a moment that made me very proud of them.  At any age, the effective exercise of compassion is no mean feat and carries immense significance. 

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