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Sunday, June 5, 2011

In Spades

Childs Park
Today I feel like one of the richest men alive.  Bob (my brother who was in town for a short visit) and I did a quick tour of Saint Petersburg.  I began where I first lived near Bartlett Park.  I shared with him the moment God called me to live in that specific apartment complex in a specific apartment, and from that beginning in 1975 have arisen experiences and friendships that have preternaturally enriched my life.  From there we toured several parts of the city that have special meaning for me.  We went past the University of South Florida, Mahaffey Theater, the Pier, Northshore Pool Complex, Snell Isle, where I currently work at Woodlawn, Childs Park, Campbell Park and Midtown, and finally Bartlett Park.  Bob, who was twice mayor of Orange Park, was very impressed by the investment Saint Petersburg makes in providing parks and recreation facilities for all its citizens.  It seemed like everywhere we turned were beautiful, well maintained parks and recreation centers.  This afternoon Tu Tu called and we had dinner together, then we went to see his brother Bobby recently returned to town and who plans to marry in July.  I have known Tu Tu and Bobby since they were kids and have experienced in spades their trust, acceptance, and love.  Later, Kunte called and we made plans to work on his new DVD player set-up tomorrow.  On looking back, when I survey this vast expanse of purple grain and the unexpectedly high return on my life investments, I feel a kinship in kind with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

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