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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Camouflage Behavior

Camouflage:  “something that is intended to hide, disguise, or mislead” (Encarta Dictionary).

A very present aspect of human behavior involves camouflage.  This morning I started out with a cheerful note to my wife—actually I was not all that cheerful.  I put on hair tonic that serves to color my hair.  I went to the closet and picked out a shirt that I hoped would mitigate my midriff.  I arrived at work and went cheerfully about my work—actually I was not all that cheerful.  I went to Radio Shack to get a part that I needed for work.  Actually I went specifically to Radio Shack with a hidden agenda—I also wanted to purchase on my account an adapter that I needed at home.  In the afternoon I went about my work trying to hide the fact that I was drowsy after having pizza with a friend for lunch.  During lunch my friend chatted a good deal about his new baby.  I showed perhaps too much interest.  Later in the afternoon my boss asked me to take care of a matter, which I did cheerfully—actually I was not all that cheerful. An acquaintance spoke to me in the hall.  I attempted to cover the fact that I couldn't recall their name.   In short, my day has been replete with actions “intended to hide, disguise, or mislead.”  I am either hopelessly phony or adamantly human.  I ask my dear reader to decide based on their own behavior starting with getting out of bed unfit for living and perhaps a little later crafting a public face by smiling cheerfully in the bathroom mirror.

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