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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeling Down, Feeling Blue

Today I was reminded of my limitations—in mind and body.  I felt demoted for deficiencies, my loves and passions discounted.  My interests and assets mocked.  I ran for comfort to a friend of many years (having lunch with him) who gave me strength emotionally, yet scolded me for being overweight.  Later, I took another friend shopping who was short on cash so I treated by purchasing some of his wants arising from his current enthusiasms, but was rebuffed by him when expressing a simple enthusiasm of my own.  I got angry.  Arriving home, I reclined in bed and Kathy read to me I Corinthians 13.  Then I prayed which somehow gradually became a prayer of thanksgiving and praise.  Before falling asleep, I counted my blessings, but it was difficult to fully shake the blues.  

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