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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Uncensored Video

Today I got to thinking, what if all our lives were recorded in an uncensored video—from the time we were born, until ongoing today.  It had recorded all our best days, and all our worst; all our acts of meanness, all our acts of kindness; when we were our most selfish, when we our most selfless; when we were hateful, when we were loving; when we were making life count, when we were frittering away hours; when we acted wisely, when we acted foolishly; when we were disciplined, when we were slothful; when we were hopeful, when we were discouraged; when we succeeded, when we failed; when we were most skilled and creative, when we were most unskilled and destructive; when we were brave, when we were cowardly; when we acted intelligently, when we acted stupidly.  The movie would show all—including sexual activity and those times when we were trying to impress others by appearing to be above all bodily functions.  When we were asleep, it would video our dreams; when we had fantasies and daydreams; it would video these.  These lifetime videos would be available for all to see and would have a fast forward that automatically passed over completely monotonous or meaningless times.  A video would be available on all persons—the pretentious and the humble, the hopeful and the discouraged; the high and the mighty, the low and downcast.  Everybody’s video would be universally available to everyone without any restrictions.  I may be wrong, but I think the existence of these videos would have a highly salutary effect on mankind.  It would reveal pretension and (on today’s TV) self-righteous political ads.  It would be everyone’s confessional--everyone’s claim to shame, everyone’s claim to merit.  It would help bring about an appreciation of our common humanity and greatly moderate pride and self-righteousness. 

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