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Monday, October 4, 2010

Timeless Retreat

Sunday Kathy, Carole, and I traveled to Lake Wales, FL to see Bok Tower Gardens.  This was their first visit, but a return of several visits for me.  When I was a teen living in Bowling Green, FL our church youth group on several occasions and my parents and I on others visited the tower.  In the 90’s I took Kim, George, and Alton to see the tower.  It is a surprising site when approaching Lake Wales to see the tower suddenly rising from Iron Mountain (one of the highest points in Florida). The Tower is made of pink and gray marble and coquina stone.  It is one of those places that when you visit the grounds you remember it as a haven of unchanging peace, beauty, and tranquility. Edward Bok’s quotation is included in the photo above.

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