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Monday, October 4, 2010


I think a basic human need must be
To savor the likeness of permanence
Whether it’s to the sea we return
Or to the mountains tall and firm
Whether to buildings of marble and stone
Or to a childhood grasp for mom and dad
Whether to the leader that gives a sense of solidity
Or to an institution that gives a sense of immortality
Whether to a principle that emerges from flux
Or to a universal law that grounds diversity
Whether to the love of God that is eternal
Or to shortcut simulations found in addictions
It can be a sad pursuit
This looking for permanence
This looking for a rock on which to build
To place our hope
To place our trust
Through countless generations
The search endures
Uniting simplicity to eternity
Where is the likeness of permanence?
Finally perhaps in the abiding search
That marries choice to basic need.

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