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Friday, October 22, 2010

My Song

Lord I know that one day my body will have to be disposed of
I know that one day my body will be burned
It will leave no trace as the ashes are spread to the winds
In one sense it will be as if I have never been
And any memory of me will quickly fade
People will be busy with their own lives as they should be

But I sing praises to you for your great gifts to me
My parents, my brother, my wife, my children in heart and spirit
Thank you for the blessing in all the towns where I have lived
All the schools I’ve attended, all the places that I’ve worked
All the churches that fed me, all the stores where I’ve shopped
And for all the people in them and for your spirit with them
Thank you for abundant food, clothing, and shelter,
For health care and medicine
For skilled surgeons and primary physicians,
For good roads and gifts of communication
And all the people in them and for your spirit with them
Thank you for the United States and its system of government
Thank you for politicians that must make unpopular compromises
Just so affairs can proceed
Thank you for the ideas that nourish us
Thank you for discipline that makes persistence possible
Thank you for all the people of the world that teach us more about each of us
And for all the people present and past and for your spirit with them

Father I am stunned by the gift of life
I am stunned by your faithfulness, love, and forgiveness.
I rejoice in your son and the everlasting life and light that he brought
I am grateful for a central message—don’t wear religion on your sleeve
Wear it in your heart.
Father at my last breath and heartbeat,
I will praise you.

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