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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today in Church

David Miller’s sermon today was on the basic nature of true stewardship.  We ought not to give when we feel that we shouldn’t, he said in conclusion.  The Lord loves a cheerful giver.  This comes from a feeling of being blessed. It comes from an overflow of appreciation.  We want to give when we consider what Jesus has done for us.  David asked us to look upon generosity as today’s evangelism.  It’s how we can witness for Christ in effective ways.  In Sunday school the first lesson dealt with the mazes of life—when we come upon dead ends and feel lost.  God’s perspective is above ours. Sometimes dead ends are for our good.  God can lead us out of dead ends and redeem us.  The second lesson challenged us to be a source of hope.  “A little love, a touch, a smile, and compassion from us can wipe away many tears” (The Upper Room, 10/19/10).  The third lesson was written by a medical doctor in Russia who had grown up as an atheist receiving an atheist education “at home, school, and college.”  Galina Vyugova “was firmly convinced that God was an invention of uneducated people’ (UR, 10/22/10).  But she met a Christian at work who led her to faith.  Since most of us in class had been raised with at least some appreciation for the Christian religion, we wondered how being raised from childhood in atheism would change our view of life.  Today in church the children’s choir sang “Jesus Loves Me.”  It’s hard to imagine being at that age and receiving the indoctrination that Christianity is a superstition and that we are part of an indifferent universe.  How dissimilar one’s world view and approach to life would develop under this alternative view of reality.  Kunte closed Sunday school with prayer.

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