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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Interstate Space

Today Kathy & I traveled to Oviedo near Orlando and returned to Saint Petersburg with Carole, Kathy’s mother.  If there is any engineering marvel I typically take for granted it is the interstate system.  Earlier in the week Kathy & I returned to Saint Petersburg from Palm Coast in northeast Florida, driving on interstates virtually the entire distance.  The network of limited access roads, bridges, overpasses, underpasses, and divided highway all without a single traffic light or dangerous curve is a great gift that has no doubt saved the lives of many travelers.  This afternoon I was getting a little dozy coming back from Oviedo (after a foot long sub) and found a convenient interstate rest stop, got an energy drink, and was alert the rest of the way home.  I remember the days of my childhood, when a trip for the entire distance was nearly always two lane roads with oncoming traffic.  Passing slower traffic (cars, trucks, tractors, or an occasional horse drawn wagon), or being passed by faster traffic was a continuing source of anxiety.  The roads led through the heart of cities with many traffic lights and congestion.  When I consider the engineering feats accomplished during my lifetime, the interstate system has to rank among the top achievements.

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