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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Essential Role of Mankind

Today I’ve thought about the main, essential role of mankind.  This role must be accessible to all.  It makes no sense to ask the question if the answer could only be answered by identifying roles available to a small group of people in the most developed countries, for example.  Everyone, from the most physically fit to the least must qualify.  Even the brain dead must be able to share in this purpose.  Even the universally hated, the Hitler’s of history, must also qualify.  In the end, it can be seen that the main role of mankind is to be the recipient of God’s love.  Even when healing and redemption are not forthcoming, the love of God is.  Take away God’s love, and you inevitably diminish the inherent value of mankind.  His value becomes utilitarian—what he can do or provide or how good he can be.  Anyone without societal use or esteem is expendable.  This acidic view of man is at base evil, for it reduces man to being a mere tool of society.  It is at heart selfish and devoid of generosity.  Essential respect and universal equality—the foundations of democracy—are lost.  God’s love ensures the dignity of man, as the dignity of man provides logic for the existence of God’s love.

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