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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Unto These Hills

What do you like most about mountains? Trees?  Which mountain is “chief” for you?  What is your tree of choice? Why?  What is your favorite anti-war slogan? Why this one? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1290).

Today (Monday) we spent riding the tight winding roads traversing mountains in north Georgia and North Carolina.  Towering on each side of us stood dense stands of trees plotting our way or warning us by their sudden descent that a few feet off the pavement lurked deep precipices which now and then dropped off to rushing rapids. For a flatland resident of Florida, mountains display the grandeur of God.  The occasional abandoned, dilapidated human structures along the way testify to the swift transience of even momentous human events (the Civil War, for example) compared to implacable eons of time. It is worthy of note that North Carolina has made significant progress in developing solar farms.  Nestled within transitional dales are rows of solar collectors–their upturned faces revealing man’s capacity to appreciate the sanctity of God’s world rather than thoughtlessly and cravenly exploiting and ravaging it. The mountains majestically beckon us to “Give Peace a Chance” within the wide spectrum of human endeavors.

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