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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Actualizing the Fruits of Pragmatism

For what reasons might someone be suspicious of you and withhold their trust? How do you win over those who are suspicious of you? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 595-6).

Where I live (in America) most are ultimately a pragmatic lot.  The clincher to any speculation is always the question–but will it work? My principal message is essentially and consistently the necessity of the disciplines of love (one can say “effective nurturing”) beginning with the individual and extending to all societal institutions.  It is evident to me that society has refused to consistently and effectively address this necessity even in the family unit, much less regarding governmental and creative sector responsibilities.  It is in my emphasis on this need that I get into the most trouble receiving trust–for pragmatism and love are often seen as opposites–oil and water just don’t mix (the fancied practical “hard” and the fancied impractical “soft”) and to believe otherwise is not practical and sinfully not “hard” or “trustworthy.”  Since I consider this view tragically mistaken and believe that effective nurturing is the greatest need today, there appears that nothing but integrity can save me from distrust.  Ironically, in my view, the disciplines of love and effective nurturing are the ultimate bases for actualizing the fruits of pragmatism.

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