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Monday, May 9, 2016

Drawing Crowds

What do you think the crowds were looking for in Jesus?  What do you think he was looking for in them? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1383).

Jesus could be a crowd magnet. As crowds are composed of many individuals, crowds can also encompass many needs and motives.  Some look for healing of the body, some of the soul, and some of the nation.  Like any crowd magnet (even a rock band) we look for our attendance to make us feel better.  Perhaps we tell ourselves that we are looking for unsurpassed talent; or for camaraderie with fellow admirers; or for confirmation of our beliefs; or for new insights; or for the thrill of passion; or for simple curiosity and a sense of anticipation.  One thing for sure, we attend with our own (even if not unique) set of expectations.

Jesus was fully aware that many that followed him (including his closest aides) did not understand what his mission to bring light into the world would entail. Hate IN THE SHORT RUN not infrequently defeats love, but Jesus revealed that love in due season conquers hate.  Now this understanding is ultimately a matter of belief and faith, and Jesus as an embodiment of love became the symbol that one either comes to embrace with hope and faith or turns aside from in sadness or cynicism.

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