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Friday, May 6, 2016

Sex and Individual Sanctity

Where are you most likely to have problems separating the sacred from the secular?....(Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 190).

Yesterday in our men’s discussion group the subject of transgender personal identities became a topic of discussion.  It was observed that our easy transition to this subject would have been unthinkable some half-century ago. What has freed us today to broach such matters without embarrassment or phobic fear?  One may point to today’s easy access to sexual subjects, even internet pornography, as a freeing agent. In my view it is because during my lifetime we have triangulated to a developing perspective of the sacred which progressively extends to sexual identity.  As a personal and private matter, gender is seen to reside within a sanctuary of individual identity which bestows respectful latitude (as with all matters, so long as the condition of no public or private harm is met).  When I was in prison I learned from the prison staff an important lesson–while behavior can and must be regulated, this need not extend to violation of the soul and individual rights.  That is, even in a highly regulated environment, some things are marked sacred and untouchable.  The sanctity of the individual should come as no surprise to those of us living within the steady application of the Bill of Rights. 


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