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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hometown of the Heart

What hometowns do you still connect with?....What concerns you most about changes in this hometown? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1275).  

A hometown close to my heart is Bowling Green, FL.  It is a rural and agricultural area with many cattle and orange groves.  We lived there as a family from 1958 to 1962–during my teen years.  Angelo, Connie and I visited Bowling Green First United Methodist Church today.  We visit only every 6th Sunday as the town is some 65 miles from where we live in Saint Petersburg.  I strongly connect with the church there and the town not only because I have lived there, but because I much admire the humility of the local residents that comes from working the land when so much depends upon variables outside one’s control–the weather, pests, plant diseases, and the like.  One’s point of view is quite different under these circumstances than if one gets a pay check every two weeks come hell or high water.  The church is wonderfully friendly and loving and the minister Amy is a truly great lady and inspired pastor.  She maintains focus on the little things, while not ignoring the expansive fundamental values of Christianity.  It is a true blessing to keep such a hometown in one’s heart.

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