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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


In the cycle of good and bad kings and their effect on people, two major compulsions are evident in 2 Chronicles: (a) The compulsion of tyrannized people to assert their freedom, and (b) the compulsion of free people to self-destruct. How is this cycle and these two compulsions evident in your world? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 647).

Cycles occur due to limitation restraining excess.  This is evident in the physical world, but no where is it more evident than in human affairs.  The particular genius of stable states is not the elimination of cycles, but the regulation of their amplitude so that excess is dampened by law. As we have seen in America, the absence of regulation in the economy is an incentive...not for creativity...but for metastasis.  The basic problem is the influence of groups that flourish under excess, and these groups assert their influence to increase rather than moderate unsustainable distortions.  Tyrannized people rise to check unregulated authority, and “free” unregulated societies soon come to be regulated by the systemic hand of implacable reality.  It is an indelible rule: mankind must either regulate excess by enacting laws or else come to be regulated the hard way by the exacting demands of relentless physics.

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