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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sermons as a Lively Subject of Discussion

John Wesley
In years past the sharing of sermons and discussion of them was a common thing.  Like we discuss movies, TV offerings or books, they would meet in each other’s homes and discuss sermons.  I think this practice was a very good thing.  Good sermons can be helpful in many ways.  They can present striking images, analogies, stories and anecdotes, comedy, tragedy, interesting turns of phrase, commentary, inspiration, practical wisdom, common sense, as well as of course commentary on the central and essential heritage of our civilization—the values, ideas, and avenues of redemption manifested in the Bible.  Sermons celebrate the greatest privilege of humanity; this being the recognition of the spiritual, ethical, and the meaningful and purposeful dimensions necessary for the very viability of mankind. Today’s resources make it easy to experience sermons.  My pastor’s (David Miller's) sermons can be found in text format at the following link:  Moody Bible Institute streams sermons 24/7 at this link: http:\\  If you have an Internet radio, use this URL.  Otherwise, paste it in the address line of your browser or click here.  The schedule of sermons for each day's presentation is posted here:

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