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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On Selecting the Unseen

It is sometimes suggested that religion involves selecting the unseen rather than the seen.  Actually, it is quite impossible to select the unseen.  Before an object of faith can be selected, it must been seen.  That is why Jesus referred to God as Heavenly Father.  For us to choose God, we must have some image in mind regarding our choice.  Before selecting Jesus as a savior, we must have an image in mind regarding the nature of a savior.  The pushed to the corner nature of that image is Christ the crucified—the image of someone willingly dying for our sins who nevertheless forgives us leading to freedom from enslavement to past ethical blunderings.  Choosing false gods also involves imagery.  If we worship success, we worship not an abstraction but very clear images of what success means for us.  If we worship ourselves, we have a clear understanding of the profile of our own righteousness, or more correctly, self-righteousness.  Therefore, when one questions the object of their worship, they need look no further than the object of their dreams.  We should ask, are these images of heaven or of the evil one?  This involves unearthing the underlying relevance of the images we worship.  In the last analysis, we need ask do they serve divine love or rather serve to undermine it?

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