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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Real Deal

This Christmas we celebrate the introduction onto planet earth of the Real Deal; the one who, in three short years of ministry, disclosed God to man in human form.  We are constantly barraged by other offerings that claim to be the real deal.  But we look upon these jaded offerings with skeptical eyes since they all eventually prove to be dead ends despite the fact they are typically dressed in glitter and gold.  We’ve seen all manner of “isms” come, flourish for a time, and perish.  Life is brutally hard on those who claim to bypass and surpass the divinity revealed to us over 2,000 years ago.  Again and again, limping and swaying onward from encounters with brave new worlds, we return to the simple truth revealed by the one whose birth we now celebrate.  One thing that draws us to the Christmas season is its simplicity—born in a manger—and its significance—trumpeted to the shepherds by a heavenly host.  We are to look for the birth of wonder in the disciplines of love.  All other promises of salvation though claiming sanction by principalities and powers are rooted in death and decay.  The Real Deal stands firm surrounded by the debris of broken promises.

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