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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brothers and Sisters In Christ

Today I went to a recreation center and while there had a visit with an employee.  The conversation turned to faith and she shared with me some of her favorite verses from Psalms 37, 27, 91, and 23.  She said she looked forward to heaven and that she was living her life with this goal in mind.  She pulled out a well-worn Bible and read favorite verses from the Psalms—verses highlighted with a yellow marker. I felt honored to share briefly in her faith.  A sharing of  faith is a communion of understanding and kinship. Nothing is quite as rewarding as a kinship based of a common foundation of faith.

An image crossed my mind today of attending a large meeting with many seats in the balcony yet available.  The people on entering the doors can see many empty seats in the balcony so assume there are many seats available downstairs as well and push to enter that room—a place where there is actually no available space at all.  For safety’s sake one is thankful for someone at the podium briefly telling those still entering to use the balcony, no more seats are available downstairs.   

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