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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dad, I’m Going Into the Ministry

My son George told me today that he was studying to be an imam—he text-messaged the news over the phone.  I text back—“full speed ahead; may God bless all your endeavors.”  I have full confidence that in America we are going to make plurality work, for America is foremost the land of empathy and love.  Our respect and love for God and for one another comes first and precedes even our doctrines.  Of course, to have such a belief is a risky business.  We may look back years hence and adjudge that diversity began our downfall of peace and unity.  I cannot foresee history, but I do know George.  We are one in a family of trust.  On this trust are shared many tears of sorrow and an everlasting hope and on this I confidently rest my case. Our relationship is not at all extraordinary, but is a natural product of the American experience and a mutual affinity based on the simple fact that in God we trust.

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